Dr. Vinyl offers a wide variety of services for your home, business or auto dealership. We can repair or re-upholstery any type of vinyl or leather. Remember it is always cheaper to repair than to re-upholster, this also saves you time and money.

All Dr. Vinyl technicians are insured, trained and certified technicians. We offer mobile units to come to you which saves you time and money.

Dr. Vinyl is approved to work with all Kentucky Government Agencies.

Dr. Vinyl specializes in auto dealerships, restaurants, fitness centers, doctor offices, dentist offices and homes. “Any thing vinyl or leather we can fix”.

Dr. Vinyl has been widely renowned name in repairs for over 30 years and strives for a standard of quality and excellence world wide!! Dr. Vinyl has the most advanced repair services in categories such as: Repair and dye of vinyl, leather, hard plastics, fabric and carpet. Our 30 years of experience has allowed Dr. Vinyl to be the #1 leader in the USA. Our state of the art technology in micro repairs allows us to make those tears and holes disappear. All products used are R&D throughout our national headquarters annually to ensure lasting repairs. No other company can achieve results as fast or economically as Dr. Vinyl.
Who We Can Help:Who We Can Help: