Home Owners

Some of the great benefits Dr. Vinyl can offer a home owner is, we can repair any leather or vinyl couch or sitting furniture you have. When you get that nasty tear or scratch in your leather or vinyl couch don’t replace it Call Us!! Dr. Vinyl can also do wonders on the exterior of your homes with our vinyl siding repairs and vinyl window repairs which will save you the cost of replacement and time and money.


Vinyl Siding Repair and Dyeing:
Don’t replace your vinyl siding due to holes or cracks, let us come to you and repair them on the home saving you money!!

Vinyl Window Repair and Dyeing:
When your vinyl window frame gets a crack or hole due to hail damage or just wear and tear, don’t replace it call us to repair it.

Vinyl & Leather Furniture Repair & Dyeing:
Why spend the money on that nice piece of furniture to replace it just because it has a small tear or stain on it, let Dr. Vinyl come to you and hide away all those unsightly flaws.

Recovering options are available, if not repairable.
Who We Can Help:Who We Can Help: