Business Owners

Let Dr. Vinyl improve your atmosphere with properly repaired booths, furniture or fixtures. Dr. Vinyl can repair or re-upholster any type of leather or vinyl you have in your business. With a willingness to work around your busy schedule and business needs most of our repair and re-upholster turn around time can be 24 to 48 hours. We offer mobile units to come to you and can give free estimates within one to two days. Dr. Vinyl also offers a great vinyl siding and vinyl window repair process to help with replacement cost, which will save you the business owner time and money.


In the restaurant business it comes down to Food, Service, and Atmosphere. Make an impression on your customer! The condition of your furniture can attract or repel customers. Let us improve your atmosphere with properly repaired booths, furniture or fixtures, which gives the appearance of a sanitary environment and tells your customers that you take pride in what you do. Dr. Vinyl can repair or re-upholster your furniture and fixtures on site. The best thing about it is the work can be done to accommodate your schedule.

Doctor’s Offices – Medical Facilities

Does your furniture look a little under the weather? Examining tables made of Leather, Vinyl or Plastic can suffer. Repair or re-upholstery can be a quick and inexpensive fix to unsightly damages. Our Dr. Vinyl technicians are expertly trained to repair or re-upholster for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Just think, for a small investment, Dr. Vinyl can keep your waiting room or exam room looking great!


Keep your watercrafts looking brand new. Boats, Yachts and Jet Skis take a beating during the summer months. Dr. Vinyl technicians are trained to repair and/or re-upholster the interior of your prize possessions. Vinyl, Leather, carpets and plastics is no big wave for us. Whether your upholstery is old, worn out, and faded or you’ve got an accidental tear or cigarette burn, we can take care of your upholstery repairs. Dr. Vinyl is a company with over 30 years experience in the Marina Interior repair industry.

Fleet Companies

Dr. Vinyl and Touch of Color can work wonders to help spruce up your fleet vehicles. We offer all the necessary repairs from all your interior repair needs to all your exterior repair needs all at one place. Plus we offer detailing options and all kind of different repair options to help your company to save time and money.

Gyms and Fitness Centers

Let Dr. Vinyl come to your gym or fitness center to repair or recover any worn or torn work out equipment you may have. With all of our services Dr. Vinyl guarantees a prompt turn around service usually within a 24 to 48 work period, Now that Service!!

Dr. Vinyl is approved to work with all Kentucky Government Agencies!
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